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The Jigster 10'6" 4 - 10 oz. Blank (Note: This is not a built rod)

  • "The Jigster", as name implies is designed to excel in fishing jigs in deep, fast moving waters such as those found in the Cape Cod Canal and other breachways & inlets.  To accomplish this, Team ODM has engaged some of the most achieved and experienced Cape anglers for their guidance in the development of this rod.  To effectively jig the Canal is no walk in the park, and we knew we had to "get it right".  After extensive research, diligence, and testing, the "Jigster" was born.

    The Jigster series incorporates advanced carbon material with ODM's unique pattern design for the ultimate jigging experience with sensitivity and long distance castability. The Jigster delivers the capabilities of all-time favorite jigging rods while incorporating new technologies to cut down on weight while maintaining an extremely powerful backbone.


    • Ultimate jigging rod - sensitivity to detect every bounce over the bottom. The jig moves as you move-feel the jig
      throughout the entire rod instead of just the tip.

    • Extremely Strong - Power to handle big game fish from the shore or jetty in fast current.

    • Light and thin - To assist in jigging all night with less fatigue… Let the rod do the work.

    • Long distance casting - To find the honey hole that is normally out of reach.


    • Advance carbon technology with unique layering and patterning process for ultimate jigging application

    • 2 piece with 50/50 split - Design to flex and behave like 1 piece rod

    • Anti-twist design - Giving ultimate jigging application with greater hook setting and fighting power

    • Engineered USA

    • 1 Year limited warranty 

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