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Frontier X
The Earth's Oceans Demand Nothing Less Than
"The Ultimate Experience"

Frontier X  Boat Rod - The Earth’s Oceans…The Final Frontier… Forever beckoning us to explore their mysterious depths.

Dedicated anglers forge into the raging, powerful extremes, and the most demanding conditions on earth, in tireless pursuit of its most powerful, agile, and stealthy predators…


From the shallows where Trophy Striped Bass, Doormat Fluke, Bull Red Fish, Snook, and the Mighty Silver King rule...

To the ghostly depths where monster Tog, Tilefish, Cod and Black Sea Bass lie in cavernous ambush…

To the hypnotic blue waters in pursuit of Pelagic speedsters Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Giant Trevally…


In our extreme pursuit in exploring this unknown horizon, we bring a new era in the Ultimate Experience.

The Frontier X Boat Rod series… ODM’s proprietary, advanced carbon nano technology with cutting edge materials, and components.


Developed by, and for boat anglers, over years of research, and testing, brings our proven, premier flagship characteristics
in a light, powerful, moderate fast, multi-tapered, multi-modulus carbon blank.  Engineered to do battle on the “Final Frontier”, with reinforce 1K Carbon weave backbone, Anti-Twist Technology for Ultra Sensitivity, Compact Castability,
Hookset and Fighting Power, with the agile durability Frontier X is known for. 

Welcome to new era in inshore & offshore applications…  Frontier X Boat Rods…
The Earth’s Oceans demand nothing less than “The Ultimate Experience”


  - Purpose engineered Multi-tapered Blank
  - Hyper-sensitivity, with balanced, and progressive load distribution throughout the length of the rod

  - Parabolic bend for effortless fighting 

  - Compact Casting - Multi-tapered design with extremely fast recovery for long distance snap/pitch casting in a limited confined space. (Note: Lure rating specs are based on compact casting (equiv. to snap/pitch casting). Versatile design allows to cast more than specified lure rating under full load cast)
  - Ultra strong, light and thin - Power to handle big game fish and cast all day with minimum fatigue

  - Excels in sensitivity, durability, and power.

  - MMCN™ technology with unique multi-taper layering and patterning process

  - Anti-twist technology to prevent rod from twisting giving greater hook setting and fighting power
  - 1K Carbon Woven - Modern outside layer that provides strength, durability and help protects from the rigorous 
elements boat anglers face
  - Premier components - Fuji tangle free guides,  Fuji exposed TVS spinning reel seat & comfortable Fuji PMTS Micro Trigger conventional reel seat, and ODM custom components.

 1 Year limited warranty


 * Price Subject to Change
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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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