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10' DNA 3/4-4. “The 10’ DNA is an absolute weapon! I was excited to hook into some schoolies and blues this Spring but after it horsed my PB, I’m SOLD on versatility of this rod.”

Fish of a Lifetime. 50# plus cow taken on ODM 11' Jigster 4-10 oz. “I love the versatility of the Jigster throwin bait and weight, plugs, and jigging all in one powerful light weapon”

10' Evolution 1pc 3/4-5 oz. She smashed that darter and meant business, nice little fight- the rod is awesome, super light, strong, can feel everything 😍 thank you team ODM 🎣

11' ODM Jigster 4 -10 oz.

10" D.N.A 3/4-4

10' D.N.A 3/4-4

Daniel Rodriguez (Team ODM) with Frontier X 9'6 3/4-4 oz .. monster Tarpon from Florida.

Fall run striper by Jason Jadach from Bobby J's Bait & Tackle. These nice fish was taken on ODM 10' D.N.A 3/4 - 4 oz.

Custom 11' Jigster conventional setup

Jose Nieves putting some work with 11' NEX1 2-6. "My goto work rod"

54# cow on 9'6" Frontier X 3/4-4 oz

Tray Waller. "ODM NEX1-95 by far my favorite rod I’ve ever fished."

10' D.N.A 3/4-4 oz during Albies run

10' Genesis 3/4-4

9' D.N.A with nice ablie

Solid spook on 9'6" Frontier X

ODM 11' Jigster. The versatility showed as I caught a bunch fish from jigging to topwater. The rod really does handle all situations well and is also great for handling big fish in current.

ODM 11' Jigster with 5oz ODM Hybrix Glider. Team ODM - Chris Pepice

Solid fish on ODM Hybrix Gliders on Kayak by John while trolling

Brian with 40# on ODM 11' Jigster 4-10

Team ODM Daniel Rodriguez landing a Tarpon on a jetty with 9'6 Frontier X 3/4-4. No small feat.

Team ODM Chris Pepic with 11' Jigster.

Frontier X 10'6 3/4-4 with ODM Spook

Team ODM Daniel Rodriguez with Red Bull fish with Jigster.

West Coast stripers are getting bigger. 40" striper on ODM 10'6" Frontier X 3/4-4.

ODM 11' Jigster 4-10 "It’s got balls to keep em out of the rocks... there was heavy current but I didn't feel undergunned at all"

Kenny Devito on landing this solid fish. His arsenal included ODM NEX1 11' 3/4-4 paired with Van Staal 200 on Super Strike Lures, Inc. Parrot Darter

9' ODM NEX1 1/2-3.5 was able to throw it a mile with that 9ft rod without any effort... Bottom line, i could feel everything with the tip on that rod, as far as back bone, i would love to add another 20lb and see what we could do with a 50 pounder

His gears of choice included 11'Jigster with Van Staal 275

11' ODM NEX1 2-6 "This has been my go to rod this spring after fishing my lamis for the past few years has great backbone for pulling fish off structure and having great control over big fish in hard current... I’m very impressed with what this rod can do"

Chris with this beautiful 31# on 11' NEX1 2-6 custom built.

Hendrick Martinez with this beautiful cow with 11' Genesis 3/4-4 oz.

Solid fish on ODM NEX1 3-8 VSX275

Maron (Team ODM) 9'6" Frontier X 3/4-4 with ODM Hybrix Glider

ODM 10'6 Frontier X 3/4-4 during Bull Red Fish run in Galveston Beach, TX

"Things a beast. Wicked light. And great sensitivity... ... the frontier x is hands down the best rod I've ever felt and used. No other way to best explain it."

First night out with my new ODM NEX1 114 I built for myself. Lots of fun tonight, this rod easily handled every fish and casted lures ranging from 3/4 - 2 3/8

Love my ODM NEX1 10' 1-5 the Rod is a beast have been using it all spring from schoolie size bass early spring to 20+ lb bass and it handled the nasty Gator blues with no problem. The Rod casts a long way with no effort and makes it a joy to handle fighting fish .. looking forward to my next ODM Rod for sure

9'6 Frontier X 3/4-4 handling easy on this big gators.

11' Genesis 3/4 to 4, man handled the fish with it love the rod

Team ODM fighting bluefish on 9'6 Frontier X 3/4-4

Team work with Shawn and his girl friend on 11' Genesis 2-6

Daniel Rodriguez, Team ODM, with respective Black Tip (approx. 90#) on 11' Jigster

Vinny with nice gator during 2016 late fall. His arsenal included 10' Genesis 3/4-4 oz.

Shawn, Team ODM, with 45# striper on Frontier X 3/4-4.

Nice catch by Vinny with 9'6" Frontier X 3/4-4

Catch and Release shot of 45# with 10'6" Frontier X 3/4-4 oz. Awesome shot Shawn D.

Team ODM with 45# with 10'6" Frontier X 3/4-4 oz. Congrats Shawn D.

Team ODM Bernie Hoyt with 10'6" Frontier X 3/4-4

Danny V casting ODM 10'6" Frontier X 2-6 with 4 oz. bucktail at Montauk with 35-40MPH wind. "Love the rod!"

Team ODM Khanh with 40# Rooster with ODM 11'6" Frontier X 2-6

Albies hitting hard on ODM 9'..."Probably the best rod on the market"

Picture submitted by Frank M casting 10'6 Frontier X 3/4-4 oz. "love that rod!! It's a lightweight powerhouse !!!

Picutre submitted by Chris P using 11' ODM Jigster. "Let me say it is a treat to use that Rod handled the fish with ease and have full confidence in their product

Khanh landing bruiser Jack with 11'6" Frontier X 2-6 in Mexico

Nice Rooster on ODM 11'6" 2-6 by Team ODM

Butch Nappi using ODM Jigster. Congratulation!!

Colby with 11' ODM Gensis 2-6

Colby putting a nice bend on fish 30#+ with 11' ODM Genesis 2-6

Colby with 11' ODM Gensis 2-6

"This is my biggest fish so far. It

Congratulation Du Cao on his personal best 40# using 11'6" Frontier X 2-6. Few words fro Du Cao: "This is my biggest fish so far. It caught on ODM frontierX NXFX-1166... I love FrontierX"

Colby with 11' Genesis 2-6

11' Genesis 2-6 at CCC

"I have century,cts, lamiglas. v.v, now I like odm rod ,I use all the time from I get it....I can cast 1/2 canal easy"

Hands down this is probably one of the best rods I have ever used. It made my trip that much better.

Well let me tell you I am 100% a believer. From casting distance, the power, turning big fish in current, the durability from the rocks.

Team ODM Colby B on nice blue fish with 11' Genesis 2-6

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