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ODM Evolution Boron 1Pc MMBN Blank:


The gradual development of something special, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Elements are born of fire, fusion, earth, air, and water. Elements combine and evolve to become high performance composites and materials. ODM has worked since its inception to constantly evolve and grow our products. Years of refinement, and development of key elements that combine to create the ultimate experience have brought us to our latest addition to the surf casting world.


Introducing…Evolution….  Evolution combines ODM’s proprietary MMBN (Multi-Modulus Boron Nano) composite nano material which brings strength, precision, unprecedented power to weight ratio, effortless loading, and unloading, all in this highly sensitive and durable precision, weapon of the surf.  The Evolution 1pc blanks are the Next Level In The Ultimate Experience – Boron Nano Technology


Boron Key Features


• 4 to 5 times stronger than steel

• Lighter and stronger than Carbon

• Overall 25% stronger than Carbon

• Boron tensile and bending strength is 25% more than Carbon

• Compression strength of Boron is much greater than Carbon

• Greater Sensitivity, Stability, and Durability


ODM Evolution 1Pc MMBN Blank


• Combination of Boron with Multi-Modulus Carbon Nano provides greater and precise control of the tensile strength and compression while providing the moderate- parabolic bend.

• Provides stability for smooth loading and unloading of energy.  Provides less effort in casting with increase in recovery speed.

• Resulting in less fatigue, greater casting distance and fighting power.

• In conjunction with Anti-Twist design, Boron Nano composite provides powerful with sensitivity and stability for hook setting power that carbon cannot provide alone.


Note:  Evolution 1pc is only availble as a blank from ODM.  Please contact your local favorite dealers/builders for custom complete rod.

*Price subject to change

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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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