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Frontier X Surf Rods

  • Frontier X surf rod series utilizes advance nano technology and newly developed materials. We took the best qualities in previous model and made them even better.  This series incorporates ODM proprietary MMCN™(Multi Modulus Carbon Nano) technology with 1K carbon woven finish for ultra-light, ultra-strong with modern look... "you will see and feel the difference".

    • Results: 

      - Sensitive, well balanced, and progressive load distribution throughout the length of the rod 
      - Ultra strong, light and thin (thick wall) - Power to handle big game fish and cast all day with minimum fatigue
      - Extremely fast recovery with moderate to moderate fast action - Long distance casting, parabolic bend
      - Excels in many different type of lures: swimmers, pencil poppers, bucktails, metals, darters, etc.

    • Features:

      - MMCN™ technology with unique layering and patterning process
      - 2 piece with 70/30** split - Design to flex and behave like 1 piece rod
      - Anti-twist design - Help prevents rod from twisting giving greater hook setting and fighting power
      - 1K Carbon Woven - Modern outside layer that provides strength, durability and help protects from
         outside elements
      - Top manufacture components - Fuji tangle free K guides & Fuji deluxe ergonomics & DPSD*  reel seat  
      - Built on Fuji New Guide Concept
      - 1 Year limited warranty

    ** 70/30 split: NXFX-964, NXFX-1064, NXFX-1066
        60/40: NXFX-1166
    * DPSD on Frontier X 8'6"

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