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d.n.a inshore
we are born to fish... its in our dna


D . N . A Inshore - The elements of life in Earth’s Oceans have always intrigued Anglers around the world to develop their skill, and push the limits of their gear, and tactics.  We have taken these key elements, and combined them with our versatile, proven foundation of our DNA rod lineup, and engineered them to be the Angler’s next level of attack from the Boat, Kayak, Flats…


From the Rips and Reefs of New England where giant warrior Stripers, “Gorilla” Bluefish, Doormat Fluke, and Trophy Tog, and Black Sea Bass to the Mid Atlantic Estuaries, Shores, and back bays, for Sea Bass, Cobia, Redfish, and Speck prowl the shallows… South to the Mangroves, and Flats of the Gulf, Caribbean, targeting voracious Jacks, Cuda, and Inshore Pelagic, to the West Coast Pacific, and beyond….


Around the World it is in the Angler’s DNA to pursue the “Ultimate Experience”.  DNA Boat Inshore rods have been engineered to give the ultimate combination of performance and value.  Built with premier proprietary carbon nano technology to battle game fish that roam our waters.


Featuring Fuji tangle-free K-Guides with KR Concept layout (spinning) and conventional guide setup to maximize the performance expected of D.N.A..  Custom double locking reel seat and with signature foregrip and fish scale handle grip for that extra comfort, stability, and ergonomic power.  Welcome to the new era of value and performance in inshore boat rod


D . A Inshore rods

“We Are Born To Fish…. It's in our DNA”

  - Hyper-sensitive tip with powerful backbone.

  - Fast Action with parabolic bend for effective bottom jigging, greater hook setting and effortless long casting and fighting
  - Ultra Light, Thin and Power - To handle all type of inshore fish from bottom jigging to surface action.

  - Premier purpose engineered Nano Multi-tapered Blank

  - Anti-twist design - resist rod from twisting giving greater hook set and fighting power
  - Premier components - Fuji Tangle Free K-Guides,  KR concept guide layout (spinning) & conventional guide

    layout, and custom double locking reel seat with ODM components.
 1 Year limited warranty


 * Price Subject to Change
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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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