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ODM Wide Glide Spook is a top-water lure designed to work on a calm day as well as a day with some chop.  If you enjoy working a spook, you will find ODM's Spook an easy plug too master.


With its unique stick bait profile, whether your running a steady wide glide pattern, or changing it up too a fleeing bait, with a stepped up retrieve and Zig Zag escape pattern, you'll find it productive in doing so. If the plug dives keep pumping and working your retrieve cadence. The spook works the zig zag pattern beneath the surface as well. A slight rise in rod and retrieve cadence, and you will have your spook gliding on the surface again for explosive top water bites.


All Spook lures come with reinforced hardware such as 2 - 6066-5X-CB Ultra Strong blade cutting hooks, heavy duty split rings and swivels. 


*Recommended for freshwater, surf, inshore and offshore applications
** Recommend rinse with fresh water after usage

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Price and specs are subject to change

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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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