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ODM Frontier X 9'6" 3/4 - 4 oz.

I got to fish the ODM Frontier X 9'6" 3/4 - 4 oz extensively for several weeks this spring and was seriously impressed by the performance. Typically I fish bigger rods for most of the season, but have had other 9' range rods in the past for smaller lures in backwaters, swapping rods as needed. But after these weeks I am surprised to find that I just can not put down the Frontier X 9'6" because it is so versatile. By versatile, I mean the rod will load a 7/8 oz bomber and turn around and throw a 4 oz metal lip without blinking. The rod also loads unlike any rod I've ever thrown, aside from its bigger brother the Frontier X 10'6". The builder told me "let the rod do the work" on the cast. I didn't completely know what he meant, coming from fishing Lamiglas GSB's which I would cast with gusto. But when I started putting less energy into my casts and focusing more instead on technique and letting the Rod load itself, I was able to cast tremendous distances with less effort. The fish fighting ability of the rod is also fantastic, the moderate-fast taper really helps with tiring out the fish without tiring out the angler. All in all the Frontier X 9'6" is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites, I can't seem to put it down -- Jay Hsu

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