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ODM is proud to introduce the all new Hybrix Popper. The Hybrix Popper is a top-water, long-distance casting popper designed to target large gamefish. 


The Hybrix Popper, in keeping tradition with the Hybrix series of lures, features two types of action - traditional popper which throws water using the cupped face, and the frantic action of a pencil-popper. Both actions imitate a wounded, thrashing large baitfish on top of the water. The Hybrix Popper also features unique ported "torpedo" holes that generate bubble trails in the water. Coupled with the loud sound and water thrown by the popping action, the Hybrix Popper is sure to draw the attention of any serious game fish nearby. 


All Hybrix Poppers come with reinforced hardware such as 6066-5X-CB Ultra Strong blade cutting hooks, heavy duty split rings and swivels. 


*Recommended for surf, inshore and offshore applications
** Recommend rinse with fresh water after usage

Price and specs are subject to change

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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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