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ODM is proud to introduce the all new Hybrix Glider lure series. The Hybrix Glider series is designed to offer dynamic swimming action with its two line-tie system for two different action.

The front line tie offers a glider style, walk-the-dog action to mimic a confused and wounded baitfish. The top line tie offers a rapid rattle trap action to mimic a frenzied baitfish, throwing vibrations far into the water column to attract gamefish. The Hybrix Glider's shape is a perfect imitation for all types of baitfish including menhaden (bunker), large mullet, shad, alewife and many other baitfish species. As a slow sinking lure, it can be fished throughout the water column to reach wherever the fish are.


All Hybrix Gliders come with reinforced hardware such as 6066-5X Ultra Strong blade cutting hooks and heavy duty split rings. 

*Recommended for surf, inshore and offshore applications
** Recommend rinse with fresh water after usage

Price and specs are subject to change

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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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